All About Avani Herbals Natural Remedies

I hope you enjoy learning all about herbs and using Avani Herbals as much as I do, and that you experience their natural healing effects not only for your body, but for your mind and spirit as well. Avani Herbals is your source for natural herbal remedies For Stress, Pain, Joint and Muscle Pain Relief, Made In Oregon.
Kathleen Shepard, Owner Avani Herbals


Hi, I’m Kathleen. It’s no real surprise to people who know me well, that I am passionate about helping others through Natural Remedies; it seems most my life I have chosen professions that help people enjoy a better quality of life. A life free of Stress, Pain, Discomfort, Joint and Muscle pain. These are just a few of the benefits of herbs, not to mention the beneficial effects of herbal skin care. In 2006, when the National economy was suffering from serious financial setbacks, like so many other people, I was laid-off after working 10 years at a government office. I used this time as an opportunity to go back to school and become a Therapeutic Massage Therapist. This is where I first learned about the benefits of herbals and essential oils. I wanted to find a method of Natural Healing that would help with stress relief, pain relief, and joint and muscle pain. On top of that, all herbs needed were accessible and made in Oregon.



As I started to research the natural healing properties of herbs it became more fascinating and exciting the more I delved into it. What I discovered was the world of herbs is vast and could be overwhelming, however I wasn’t deterred. I saw how incredible a flower in the Marigold family called Calendula, which grows like a weed, is one of the greatest herbs today and has been used for centuries to heal wounds. This natural herb soothes and heals sore, angry, or inflamed skin, containing natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial actions as well as skin care benefits. It became more and more evident how important natural healing plants and herbs were to humanity. To help releive the hundreds and thousands who suffer from some type of pain relief was something that was important to me.



Clinical studies and incredible results have demonstrated the remarkable healing properties of natural herbs and the human body that are unencumbered by synthetic materials. It has become apparent this day and age to see what unhealthy effects, pesticides, unnatural preservatives and artificial chemicals have on our bodies and our skin. During the 19th century the cosmetic industry first began using preservatives in their products. This innovated use of synthetic preservatives caught on and was mass-produced within the industry. As a result, allergies increased. In my early years of making products, I used my creams on my massage therapy clients. They marveled at how they weren’t causing them the skin irritations they had experienced with some over the counter applications. As a matter of fact they found the creams were actually calming their irritated skin along with offering relief from stress, pain, discomfort, and joint and muscle pain.



Learning all about natural herbs and making my own body and bath products, I can be assured of their contents. I am fortunate that my husband has a “green thumb”. Every plant that can possibly grow in the Northwest, grows in abundance for him! This fact allows us to have more control over the freshness and purity of the herbs used in Avani Herbals. My products are therefore, all natural, and all local, made in Oregon. I believe it is important for us to grow most of our own herbs and use only natural preservatives, high-grade essential oils and products that are all natural and organic. Products that we purchase come from companies who support organic agriculture, and are certified in the organic process.